My Small Cloud


Content theft isn't good for the internet. 

A person in China named Mr. FEI purchased a domain called "SeaBlueCloud.Com" which I had owned a sometime back. 

Mr. FEI opted to scrape content from this site and add it to his site hosted by Alibaba.Com Hosting services. 

I wrote a complaint letter. 

Nothing happened. 

So I researched how he was scraping my content and discovered it was acitve and found the IP address. 

I think created a new firewall rule just for Mr. FEI. 
I then created a custom webpage for Mr. FEI.
I redirected his scraping app to a specific page on my server.
I enabled IFRAMES and placed the top 25 banned domains in all of China. 

The site SeaBlueCloud.Com was offline after several page refreshes and some choice words about the Chinese Government Screening select website from it's people. 

I know this site is not banned because it was used for content in China. I don't mind if it gets blocked either. 

The goal is to show others how to stop scraping sites by offering content that their government might not like. 

A few years back I had a North Korean site owner doing the same. Just add a custom route and offer up content that NK government might not enjoy and you will see your content removed from the scrapers site. 

I'll check from time to time to see if SeaBlueCloud.Com is scraping another site. 
I'm not going into details but if you're any type of IT admin you should be able to setup your won honey pot for these ID-10=T's. 

Now the clock is ticking. Will it be hours, days, months or years before they shut down the host site www.SeaBlueCloud.Com that once was hosted on my servers but was let go in favor of another domain name.



1982 to 2018 Programming just gets better with time.

That's right, 1982, Computer Science & Programming.
I enjoyed that period of time.
Worked with many different systems since then.

Today I'm sticking with ASP Classic and working a few few devices power by script.

I've always like working with remote telemetry.

I setup my first Wireless Network in 1987 with a GriD computer and a Digital Packet Node Controller over a VHF and E.F.Johnson Trucked 800Mhz system. When I moved overseas I setup my first wireless two-way alarm signaling device that monitored access to our barn and shops.

It wasn't really anything great, but it was built with recycled components disgarded by a few companies I knew.

Recycling electronics is great as a hobby but for a business it really doesn't pay.

So what do you do with all your old electronics?

Do what we did in the 80's.

Pack up everything you have.
Go down the the local electronics park and swap.
Sell everything to anyone for whatever price they will pay.

Simple process that makes money without dealing with the recycling headaches.

Who buys this stuff is guys like me and you that turn around and build some really cool things.

Like, remote contolled lighting and water shut off.
Bet you would like to have a remote faucet dripping system with the weather like it is today.

If you can imagine it, some scrap component can be used to build it.

So get busy, learn your components as much as you learn to program and put together that system you have been looking for.

Or you can wait for someone on EBay to do it for you.

But that's no fun.

When you are ready to start hosting your own private network you take on a serious amount of responsibility. Why not share with others configurations, hardware and software that is working so other can join in the private cloud world .