About MySmallCloud.Com

It's really about the Internet of Things.

No matter if it's work or just a hobby. When you are tasked with things to do and they have something to do with the internet you are part of the Internet.

It started with a simple www server gained in functionality when the VPN when active and really started to be fun with remote desktops.

Walking about with a Tablet connected to a Windows Remote Desktop computer made working away from the office so much easier.

Even better, when I started using only Virtual Machines and Virtual Hard drives my need for access from anywhere became easier.

Then it was the remote door locks, lights, voltage meters, amp meters. You name it, if it was something that could be monitored remotely it was going on the network here at MySmallCloud.Com

I have posted thousands of pages regarding technology and what you can do with it. As it ages I typically remove the posts. Why would you want drivers for a Windows 95 machine anyway.

The server we built back in 2010 will be replaced in 2022 as part of the recycle program I have.

The server will as long as we can find parts run and support things it was designed to do but was we add things we often take away old. It helps with server speed.

Our next build was to be a simple system controller managing a sea of storage devices. We want to be able to run a small network operations center from a car battery between now and our major upgrade period.

It will happen.

Murray W. 




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