Sharing the My Small Cloud design

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Hi, I'm Murray from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I'm an IT Consultant with a technician's background. You can read more about my background at XtremeComputer.Com in the About pages.

I'll be sharing one of my favorite Micro Enterprise designs and my own ongoing project with you.

With every design or project we need to have a name so I've come up with the following project title.

Project: My Small Cloud Build 1200 Pro

Each article link is in order of what you should be doing and following.
You'll have more than a few weeks of reading to do and you'll need to follow some great advice (if you don't mind me saying so) about documenting your new in-house infrastructure. The documents will save you hours of billable consulting time.

Look here for updates to any of the articles related to the system build below. 

  1. Start here with the "Share My Small Cloud Build 1200 Pro" design.
    "When you need more than your business requires or just want to make your neighbors jealous."

Look here for some keyword searches and reference links.

  • Mobile networks, secure remote desktop, remote storage.
  • Building a secure mobile network. 

There is going to be allot of work ahead for you. Stay relaxed, keep your focus and don't cut corners.  




  • My Terabytes Cloud

    I'm a Data Storage Addict and I'm Proud of the fact that I not only save and store everything I have ever coded I also backup that stored data in a way I can actually recover and get back to work in minutes instead of hours like many of you all. I'll show you how to do your Windows Machines and later I'll get into the Alfresco Ubuntu setups. I want you to learn how to backup like you do multiple workstations which is the same as backing up multiple standard drives on a single workstations

  • Wireless Coverage Survey

    How to guide on designing the perfect wireless network in your home or office. How do you know what AP, how many AP's to install and at what location? I'll help you design your network like a real pro. Not a slap it up local tech that hasn't even seen a communication tower from the top down. Let's get the signal levels right the first time so I don't have to hear your Buffering issues next week. (Just joking, I correct that issue more than 4 times each week. Ask me to do the install.)

  • System Design - Build Policy

    For every site we have a policy. For every design and build we make policies. Follow the policies to successfully build the best system you dollars can buy. My policy statements and site rules are simple and most likely something you would want on your site if you were sharing the type of information I am.

  • Micro Enterprise Size

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Building your own network is a major challenge for many. Some of us have had networks and servers running for years while others are just learning how they all work. What I am sharing will allow you to bring back in house your IT infrastructure forever.