Buying Equipment and Equipment Resellers

One of the best things about the mobile development market is the number of new devices being introduced into the market. 

On the other hand with the industry so tuned to change every 30 to 90 days we often see technologies that might be perfect drop out of sight quickly. 

I have first hand learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to ordering equipment that is on Pre-Sale. From this day forward I advise that you don't order anything unless you know it's on the market. And even then why not follow the device for a month to see where it goes. 

When I purchased my Onda v972 I read it could be gone by the end of the month and I also read that ROM updates would end when interest in the tablet ended. 

That was Feb. 9, 2013 and today we have KitKat 4.4 installed on my 4.1 tablet purchased just one year ago. 

I was lucky. 

I want to help you find the products you need but I'm not going to recommend resellers. I'll republish your experiences with resellers. 

I feel if you are willing to spend the time to write about your experience you have something to say. 

I will confirm all orders and screen everything. I don't need to offer free advertisements and will not link out to any sites or products. 

I also want to see those that have suffered. 

I have had 5 successful orders with one online retailer SPEMall.Com and in Dec. 2013 when I felt the Xiaomi Mi3 64gb was not going to become a reality I changed my order. They never completed my order. I lost money, they shipped me part of the order and refuse to return my money. 

Now that I've read their own public announcement

I see others may not get all the value they were hoping for. 

I have now switched payment methods because PayPal limited the dispute to 45 days and all of us pre-order people lost. 

AliExpress is being tested now, I like  the idea they hold the money until the product arrives. I think Yahoo has special insterest in this group and the prices are the same as any other online reseller. 

It's tim to publish the good and the bad. In my case, the bad, and they will have a special warning label on my website for the following reasons. 

1. Not willing to refund orders when products are not available.

2. Damaged product returns refused to allow DHL or FedEx shipping.

3. Changed orders never shipped.

4. PayPal disputes contested for money paid and not refund.

The SPEMall group seems to not respect the consumers and from their own post seems to have taken allot of pre-orders from people. 

I am wondering if others have been cheated out of money like I have?

I have not had a good experience ordering from spemall this last month. You did not complete my order. You do not communicate what you are doing. I have 1 K-Touch phone that sounds very bad and what it replaced. My reviews and articles about your SPEMALL.COM have in the past been good. I do not like recommending online retailers that do not support their customers. Please tell me how you plan to correct my problems. I was looking forward to ordering more products but I will not until all the issues are corrected this week. 2014-01-10 00:32:28