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It's been a couple of years now. 
I know you all have had great success with your Micro Enterprise Size Network and Server builds. 

It's amazing what you can do with just $5,000.00 and if you planned it correctly it paid for itself in the first 10 months. Maybe even faster if you compared the same setup to Rackspace rentals that would have been near $1,600.00 per month for the same setup. 

You know your server is good, for the whole design to run 24/7 it costs about $27.00 per month for electricity, licenses renewals for Firewall, Email, Certs all balance out after that first year. 

Go ahead and say it. I know you want to say it, let me help you a bit,

"Murray, I appreciate you, the work you did showing me how to setup my own enterprise network was great. Thank you!" 

Your welcome, now stop your brown nosing and let's get on with the second year build, configuration, upgrade and review. 

This time around I'll be sharing actual policy, live configs and doing my best to tell you that there is a ghost on your network that needs to be tickled. I mean SSL / TLS PGP tickled. 

You know that guy Snowden? It was reported he leaked classified documents. He is what I am talking about, he is the ghost in the middle that you need to tickle. I call it "Love Letters from Home" which is about all he knows about. In the old days, you might have sent a telegram from the stage coach A line to the stage coach B line. You didn't know if someone was listening to the wire between the two locations. But even in the Wild West we had a Snowden, so it's nothing new, just more freaks taking your "Love Letters from Home."

Not to mention Private First Class Manning that downloaded thousands of documents or "Letters to Home" while listening to Lady Gaga on a CD. Now we tax payers are paying for Him to be a Her but no matter still a jerk. The list goes on, but it's not just from those that took documents, others like JT that announced the administrators password for the largest network in the USA over a unsecured Two Way Radio that was heard by... Ok, maybe only one or two hundred but it only takes one jerk to give away years of work. 

Ok, I hope that little bit of history gets you in the mood to do some good old fashioned tickling. In the old days of playing with the boys and girls at Ft. Bragg we would bait, noodle, trick, impersonate 24/7 when they would ask for us to come up from the swamps. Like many, "We loved the sound of cipher in the morning." and if you think that's bad, we really loved plain text anytime. 

By the time you're finished with your configuration you're going to know locations around the globe that you never heard of. You're going to know patterns that you would never have thought of and you'll wait for that one visitor Sunday afternoon about 2pm CST to visit to see if their scripted worked. The internet has changed but something just don't. That's what I love about Log Reports. 

I'm going to help you as others have helped me learn the true meaning of protecting your communications. And I hope it's not going to be as boring as those Snowden leaked "Love Letters from Home" things. 

It's been two years now, which firewall did you purchase? Was it the XTM 330 ? Maybe the XTM 25 or 26? Was it the XTM 10?

From a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of hundred more there is no excuse to buy from BestBuy anything when it comes to protecting your network.

 Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Here's a quick link, go to your favorite online re-seller and check the prices. Be sure you see the price for LiveSecurity updates, and budget that into your network. If you have another firewall I am sorry, that other group that Dell purchased left me up a shits creek twice and exposed the remote login interface twice. The last time was the last time and I'm not feeling any pain for switching. If you remember Tiny Personal Firewall PFS.exe measuring in at 256kb in size can run from a floppy and protected more NT 4.0 servers than any hardware vendor of the time. That Software firewall had guts, when it thought it was going to fail it would run a memory buffer overload to crash your system. You knew if a hack attempt happened when you saw that your server rebooted. The logs per perfect, it was perfect for the time.

Today I see the same type of "Guts" in the XTM product and for the money more home users are jumping on the firewall bandwagon and that's why I'm going to show you the more detailed configuration processes.

The Micro Enterprise Config is going to be very long and I'll tell you know it's going to be a challenge getting the configurations translated and posted for you. But because of jerks like Snowden I want you to know how to tickle that little freak and show the ghost you have everything to hide, and you're going to make them work for it.

Ok, first up, SMTP Smartermail version 9 to 13 is what I know and the XTM.
I'll get to the server side of life later, that's the easy part, the hard part is forcing your equipment to only talk SSL / TLS and not to except anything other than SSL / TLS.

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You might have been waiting years to build your own server that most likely would be better than any server you have ever worked on. Your corporate network and servers don't stand a chance against your design. Why? Because you're the best, now let's make sure we configure your server to do just what you need it to do.