Windows 2008 R2 Micro Enterprise Server configuration.

This is when we start making our heads explode. 

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Well, maybe not. I've had my 2008 R2 online and active for 5 years so I'm actually just reviewing the configurations and documenting the settings so when I move toward Server 2014 or whatever Windows number is the newest I'll be ready to review side by side my migration process. 

It is very important that all CIO's actually look at their server administrator logs. If you don't find them I would be your Admin feels as if you're replace them at the drop of a hat. Many think job security comes by not having others know what you do and not allowing your system configurations to be reviewed in documentation. I call it just bad admin practices and if the admin feels a replacement is on the way then so be it. 

There are a few exceptions to the rule of documenting especially when it comes to those that have no business touching a server. But this section isn't about creating your local access policy, (not yet) but more about how you're going to configure your server to keep things running smoothly and up to date. 

Today, 3-23-2015 it's time to bring the Watchguard Firewall configuration into our SmarterMail and IIS server configurations. Lucky we have a simple script tested and ready to go. 



This is cover the basics of your Micro Enterprise Server configuration. At anytime you can stop, pack up your server and ship it to me to do the work. It's not easy when you add the test practices. I mean, when I say you do a full metal backup it means you test that full metal restore. Nothing to chance, you need every rule, every error, every config setting documented and addressed. That is what makes a System Configuration Specialist your IT Administrators Best Friend.