My Small Cloud Build S1200BTL Pro

Project Name: MySmallCloud.Com Build S1200BTL Pro
Author: Murray Wennerlund

System Overview:

This small low power consuming power house offers RDWeb, VPN, VDI, RD, DNS, DHCP, AD, IIS, Webmail, Email, Service Portal, Applications, Storage, LDAP and more.
This system breaks all the rules IT has put in place regarding "Who" can build like a Systems Administrator. Once you build your first system, test and break it you'll be on your way to building a long lasting systems this day forward.

System Design Goal:
You're a business owner and you've been at the edge of the IT world for years. You've heard all the sales talk and the stories about how you cannot manage your own server. It's time to toss those stories out and join the thousands of small business server owners.

Hardware components: About $1,500.00.
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  1. Intel S1200BTL 1U Server
  2. E3 class Intel Xeon E31240 3.30GHz
  3. 2 to 8TB of storage, Seagate or Western Digital 2TB, 1TB or 500GB drives. (Not, the 1200 series offers a total of 5 SATA 4 internal and 2 external. When you expand in this design your Backup drives will be externally connected to a simple drive bay RAID.
  4. 8Gb x 4 for 32Gb of Micron or Samsung DDR3 ECC Unbuffered NON Registered
  5. Watchguard XTM 330

Software Components: About $1,400.00
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  1. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (License 1 physical, 1 virtual install)
  2. Windows 7 Pro
  3. Windows 8 Pro
  4. Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop (free but not so easy)
  5. SmarterMail Enterprise (Single domain)
  6. SmarterMail Service Ticket (Single domain)

Network Components: About $860.00 to $1,080.00 
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  1. XTM 330 VPN/Firewall
  2. Network Switch
  3. Wireless AP 
  4. Cables and misc.

Miscellanious Components and Supplies: About $
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  1. Heat sink compound
  2. Shop towels
  3. Hand cleaner
  4. Compressed air (dry is best)
  5. Antistatic matt.


  • Equipment List 04

    Here is my list of things that system builders often have in their tool kit. You might not have everything on the list and you might not need the items. But, if you want to follow the rules you are going to order the items you are missing.

  • System Assembly Notes

    System Assembly Notes My Small Cloud Build R1304BT 1U Pro. This is not the time to rush. Make sure you have all day and are well rested. I've seen many people make mistakes because the task that was so simple became a major issue because it was not completed correctly.

  • Alfresco Community DMS

    Yet another guide on "How to install Alfresco Community Document Management System on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS with Desktop Graphical Interface. Windows 2008 R2 Server Hyper-V AD . You actually can skip the GUI desktop if you follow all the steps and setup things the first time. I setup the GUI to test and play with the installation. My production version is without the GUI. I'm no GURU with Ubuntu or Alfresco and it took me allot of reading and 4 virtual machines to finally get the one that worked for me.

  • Equipment List 01

    My Small Cloud Build S1200BTL R1304BT 1U Pro Equipment List. Here you will find the complete list with links to a reseller for all the components you need to start this project. The components listed are either the same or similar to the one I built. It has been a couple of years so there might be updates and changes. Key is to have the equipment priced at a 12 month return on investment.

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If you are an owner operator, salesperson, IT consultant, business owner of less than 25 total devices this IT infrastructure design may suit your needs.