Mobile Devices that I researched

I don't know how often you change your mobile devices but if you are focused on ROI (Return On Investment) like I am you might be pushing 5 to 10 years on each device. 

My first phones failed by over usage. 

  • Keypads worn out
  • Displays worn
  • Mechanical components worn or broke

When you can't JB Weld, Super Glue or Duct tap your equipment back together you know you are ready for a new phone. 

We have 4 of the 5 original K-Touch V8 running. That phone was introduced 2012, we purchased them end of year. Only one failed and it was crushed by the user while in a front pocket leaning over a table.

The $165 per phone investment plus a battery upgrade of $25 took our ROI to about $38.00 per year or $3.16 per month.

Here I'll show each phone I am looking at that is not offered by our current cellular carrier. I still believe the GSM based phones are best, unlocked, and phones that offer two (2) or more types of 4G LTE service options.


  • T-Mobile 700Mhz B12

    Finding a phone to match your carrier without purchasing your phone from your carrier can be scary if not full out zombie mode crazy. You have to know more specifications than most phone retailers offer. You have to dig deep read more and often settle on the equipment that service most of your requirements. Unless you are willing to shell out $800 to $1000 every year you might need to read a few more pages to find the phone that will work for you and be in your budget.

Finding mobile devices for your network isn't as easy as you might think. Unless you're Ok with the "Pay per Year" upgrade phones