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I'll jump right into this section by saying we all have to focus on going "Green" and often times "Going Green" requires rethinking how we use our resources instead of what many of us think which often points to "Green Power Creation". 

My best example is one of my 650 watt UPS units.
When I was getting ready to replace the batteries (5 to 7 years) I noticed that the charging circuit was hot even when the battery was disconnected.
This I thought was odd, why didn't this UPS have a charge controller?
I chalked it up to being an inexpensive UPS from APS.

When I did the same test with my Smart UPS I found it was always charging via a coil type transformer and not a switching power supply like we have in our computers.

When I found 14.x volts out 100% of the time I measured the capacity of my units. You know this as the maximum run time.

Before you do this make sure you are willing to burn up some equipment. I tested units with built in fans and static heat-sink design. I will say, the fan units with good very large fans did last the test of time while my others are not boat anchors.

My Smart UPS lasted 5 hours on 24v 165amp batteries that held nearly 60% or better during that time. I loaded them down and measured the internal heat which as long as the fan and room AC's were running did not increase to the danger point.

The issue was the AC's, if you have a great UPS you must have a great cooling system to make it so your electronics do not burn up. That was my last test, how far can you push your server room before you start to feel the heat and smell the burn.

Each article will be based on what I call, "Rethinking Renewable Energy" which takes a slice of what we waste and what we can created on a budget that offers best in class return on investment.

I call it my "High Tech Redneck" experience where you may be required to break, burn or blow things up before you nail down the perfect balance for your equipment.


  • Rethinking Energy

    You drive to work each day and come home to the same parking spot 5 days a week. Why not plug your car into your home to power your area lights or your coffee maker in the morning? When you look at your electronics you might find that your biggest waste is your lack of understanding of what you can do with energy and energy storage.



When you finally build that perfect server you may not have spent as much time building or designing your power source. I'm sharing what I use and have used for years with you so you can find a good balance in your power requirements.