Video Surveillance Setup, Headaches and Configuration.

When you make that step and purchase your first Video Surveillance system forget about the 30 second setup and don't believe for a minute you're going to be setup by running cables outside eaves outside your place.

  1. Run your cables inside wall, attic, hard to reach places so they can not be cut.
  2. Use tamper proof screws and make sure they are very secure in your outter wall.
    I do not recommend using plastic electrical boxes for your POE cable connection. It's best to make a very solid foundation for your camera, use a metal version and ground the system.

When I first setup my system everything worked just fine. Except what I needed, email notifications, recordings sent to external FTP servers (Windows and Ubuntu), Push notifications, snapshots that I can access from the Internet directly in a read only mode.

I also wanted to have a viewer that could decode the dav files to mp4 or other formats to allow direct saving and viewing from my Android phone.

So many things to setup so I can see if anyone is planning on using some of my tools without my permission.

It wasn't easy, but here's what I finally did.

My Equipment List:

  • Windows 2008 Web Server with FTP 7.5 installed. 
    Read here to find your download links and how to install your FTP service.
  • Firewall ports for FTP 21,22,42001 to XXXXX PASV mode is the only way to make the large videos on many connection streams upload correctly from what I understand. (I setup the ports from 42001 to 59650 to test which worked. Production is 42001 to 42100 depending on the total number of connections and cameras)
  • Wireless Camera: Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera - IP66 Weatherproof, 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-842 (Black)
  • Wired Camera: Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3MP POE Security Bullet Camera - IP67 Weatherproof, 3MP (2048 TVL), IP3M-954E (White)

Tech Note: You need Firefox with Active-X plug-in or simply run IE from Edge. (Menu, click Open with Internet Explorer)
You will also need to be sure your TLS v1.0 is enabled to view the stream with your IP2M-842 camera. That is the only one that will not work on TLS v1.2 from my testing. The IP3M-954E will work over TLS v1.2 . You may see, "No Resources or Not enough resources" as your error. You could also see other errors related to video viewing but they are all related in my case to the TLS connection. DO NOT setup on a non secured link with these weak passwords.

  • PoE Injector: TP-Link model TL-POE150S which is a af compliant 48vdc variable POE. It will not work on your old POE devices even if you need 48vdc. I've tested it on several devices, if you do not have an AF type of device it will not work. 
    On the Positive side, this POE works great with the IP3M-954E. 

 Did I say you need to enable your PASV (Passive) FTP Service? And if you are running the old IIS 6 you will not find that option. Time to uninstall IIS 6 and replace it with IIS 7. You will enjoy it more. You also need to do a quick security update with the FTP IIS 7


 Wait, you haven't started pulling your hair out yet. 

When you are finally ready to see how I setup my system I'll share it with you. 
I'll have one camera setup so you can stream it live and use your the same app to see how it all works. 

For now, I have to go and setup my 3rd camera to watch the Mockingbirds eat the Cherry Tomatoes. 



When you find you have thousands of dollars worth of equipment and millions of records that need to be protected from not only the attacks online but also from theft you might look into video surveillance systems.