My Small Cloud Archives

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Part of Website management is desciding which articles have reached their "End Of Life" or "End Of Useful Life". 

The best method is to simply delete the content and replace it with newer content. 
But, if I would do that search engines would be very confused. 

So, to properly archive data from pages or complete pages I need to leave them online but place them in a section out of reach to many that browse by category menu. 

In no real order the "Panel Pages" are from the main sites home page. 
I use 3 panels to announce different things within the site. 

Other pages are grouped into categories under the main Archive. 

If you saw something online at MySmallCloud.Com and it's gone today check Search Cache then email me and I'll dig it up from one of the backups.

Enjoy the older news and technology section.





Keeping My Small Cloud updated and relevant requires moving older data to the Archives.