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My Small Cloud News is for private cloud owners and for those that are using my small cloud services or building your own small cloud network. 

I'll link new articles, announce new features and I'll  WOW you with all the benefits you get from owning and managing your own My Small Cloud network. 

You might be noticing a shift to private clouds which are technically not cloud networks at all but rather our old fashioned file services pumped up on Technoids!

In business, working or school electronic devices have to justify the costs and time investment.
If you purchased a tablet with the idea you're going to be using it for school work I'm sure by now you're back on your old desktop or you have purchased everything to make that table look like it is a desktop.

The key is to find the role for your tablet and then start working it.

I'm a daily planner type of person and if I don't have a punch list next to my monitor I'd be lost if connected to the internet.
Tablets are in my opinion great for A.D.D. people that can learn some basics.

  1. The calendar app can and will be your friend if you don't split time slots by using two or more user accounts. 
  2. Tasks, Notes, Voice Recordings can all be attached to something and then emailed to your text only phone as your reminder.
  3. Appointments can be moved forward by editing the date and time.

It's important to know what Daily Planners have done in the past so you know what your tablet is out of the box. I have my favorite website that sells daily planners. I'd like for you to visit the site and build your custom daily planner. While you are there why not order one just in case you sell your tablet near the end of this segment.

Visit Franklin Covey the Franklin Planner and design your own planner. Once you are finished with your design copy all the items you added. You should have between 12 and 18 items selected for your Franklin Planner if you're setting up a planner to match your tablet. 

I have one thing to add before we start listing all the roles for a tablet.
Call it rules and requirements designed to reduce overall costs.



Next visit the roles below. 




  • Mobile Technology Expenses

    Getting your next 2 to 10 year hardware upgrade in order. It is time to look harder at Technology in Hardware and forget the apps for a minute. I'm thinking many manufacturers are rolling back to good old standards of dual and quad core in the mobile world of battery issues. Lets see if we can design up with what we have available your next 10 years worth of hardware

  • Software Patch Tuesday

    My Patch Tuesday isn't just for Microsoft and Adobe, I spend a few hours while their updates are running to review, reset, format, wipe, test remote wipe, cancel, delete, locate, scan, and scan again. That's what I do while I'm applying those security updates. I'm wiping out phones, tablets and testing backup and recovery processes. You never know when the next Zombie Attack might take place.... joking.

  • Addictive Apps

    When games become additive and work is only a after thought. The Bring your own Device realm may need to have some special training that keeps employees focused as much as any of the top addictive games online.

  • Joining My Small Cloud

    You might have read all the pages I have posted about building your own network. And you might be actually at this minute configuring your XTM 330 firewall. Or you might be trying to tell your wife, girlfriend and family that this is the coolest method of sharing resources that you have ever seen. Building a private network for you and yours is and will be more important in the years to come than any social network in the world. Join to see what you are missing and then get out and build your own private VPN network the way you would like it.

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Main stream media will tell you anything to make your tablet seem like it's a tool. It is a tool, until you find it's role and I'll offer you a few categories that your tablet might fit into.