The Daily Hack

Just another day in Paradise if you ask me. 

So many groups I couldn't even begin to start to list them. 

I do appreciate it when a group targets for a good cause if you don't mind me saying. 

I'm not listing groups because I don't know anyone online that would even what to be called a hack.


I watched "The Interview" and really thought it needed a sequel with Sam and Charles Wyly, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Carl Icahn, Charles and David Koch, the Current and future US President and that Trump guy. Maybe toss in a few UK prime ministers and that German dude that's pushing immigration changes. 

Can you see the scripts if we just let those two seriously sub standard actors just continue making crap that we all have to love because it's saying things we all at times want to say. 

Oh, by the way, Buddha is a religious symbol and I need to change it on my Blink 182 album, any suggestions? 

If we all become so sinsitive to what others say about us and we choose the life to be in the public it's just kind of wrong to do a HACK to say it's not true.

Now, my review of the movie is this, the whole idea the CIA could be involved is just crazy, remember who manages the torture stuff. If all they can come up with is a board and a pitcher of water you know the band-aid was something over the top.