Technical Reviews, Updates, Opinions and Tips.

Hi, welcome to my technical notepad section. 

Here's where I will be publishing technical reviews, opinions and allot of tips on how to work smartly with your mobile devices specifically from a tablet. 

I know many of you use your phones but I wear glasses and do allot of desktop remote work so a Tablet makes it easier to do the job. I also like creating Documents and the full sized 9.7" tablets have a better editing size. 

I don't get paid for reviews so don't think for a minute you're ready fluff to sell you product. I know it takes time to research which product you need and you might read a review from a paid pro vs. a typical user. 

I manage my own servers that support my mobile network of friends.
I offer a free service to those looking into getting their own servers and free to all my friends of Onda Tablets that like to see what you can do with them. 

I have 3 virtual desktops running on my Windows 2008 R2 servers 1 Windows 8 and 2 Windows 7. I also have a few Ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktops running. 

I have been testing my tablet for about 10 months now and have found the perfect balance you need to really call it a working tool. 

First, read about my Tablet Server Support, you'll find that here at the Micro Enterprise Size page. If you follow me on this site via my Google account you'll be the first to know when I update the server build. I'll tell you everything about it and give you step by step guides on configuration. It's not cheap but if you're planning on hosting Tablets for your customers, business or your friends be ready to shell out some serious cash for hardware and software. 

My Tablet Configurations section is all about the Onda v972. I have 3 total users on my servers running these tablets. 

I have to share something with you, I had a Microsoft Server Admin ask me how I rooted my iPad with Android. Now with the 3.3.1 Desktop I'm just calling my tablet a Onda (wave) Pad v972 to make my life easier. 

I encourage you to ask about joining my server services. I offer a small business style brew that I use every day. I have all the items in my Equipment List and enough to host 50 tablets, 250 domains and a few hundred web interfaces for your Alfresco. 

And speaking about Alfresco, I'll have one of my VHD's ready for download if you have the bandwidth. If not, I can setup any flavor of Alfresco on a working hard drive and send it your way. (Costs of hardware and time)

I'll help by giving you some of my "Real" reviews. 

Have fun!

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  • Remote Wipe Android

    Have you tested your remote wipe from your exhange type email account? I've had difficulty until this last build to remote wipe my tablet. 3.3.1 v972 Onda Android 4.2.2 officially now for me will wipe out my exchange email account and all associated items faster than you can shutdown the tablet.

  • Virtual Ubuntu Alfresco

    Virtual Ubuntu and Alfresco on your development machine for testing and for testing again. Let's face it, you wish you had a test and development station for every component on your network. That way you could hack and crack all afternoon without pissing off your boss. (I seem to do that allot at times...) Anyway, here's what I do, stop, copy and server. The Murray Way of Hack and Crack on production services. That's as long as you have Virtual work and not that old fashioned 1 server for 1 server role. Damn how 2005 you are.

  • 4G Speed Please

    Let's start testing real-time speed on what our indicator lights show as 4G LTE services. From Baton Rouge to New Orleans I haven't seen anything that is called 4G LTE speeds. I do see base 3G speed or maybe that's the top 2G speeds? In any case let's learn what speed you are really paying for so you can start saving money later. If you like your speeds and see the 4G light but find out you're on speeds like mine you might be able to save $10 per month by getting the payment plan that matches your actual speed plan. Stop paying for Marketing Hype! Pay for the bandwidth speed promised.

  • Alfresco Document Management

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