My tablet at work and play

You might have read reviews, technical papers and looked at all the pictures you could find online.

You might even know someone that owns one of these tablets but, does that mean what the like is what you'll like?

I own a Onda v972 version 1 I pre-ordered my tablet with the mindset "If its good I'll keep it, if not I'll give it to my gal. (She's been waiting since February.)

I don't sugar coat my findings and I will compare mobile tablet computing with portable computers.

I also read posts from others and do want to remind you and all others that you laptop pound for pound lasts about 1/100th of the total battery life.

I used a 17lbs laptop extended battery HP which lasted 10 hours if I put it to sleep when not in use.

My tablet at just over one pound lasted at work Monday 9-10-2013 about the same time.

You have to balance you system to your working habits.

I manually press the sleep (power) button instead of waiting for the inactivity sleep mode.

The versions of firmware I am running are listed in my v972 updates.

It is very important to determine if you need a custom ROM or will the stock ROM work for you.

In my case I liked the Kasty custom ROMs up to 1.35 then when everything changed to Android 4.2.2 I had problems with custom ROMs and went with the stock rom . To date I am not seeing any issues at all.

The battery life and the battery meter seemed to be the biggest issues for tablets.

I finally found a balance with the 3.2.1 stock ROM to the point that it shows charged when my tablet is charged! And best of all with my current settings (I will share) I see 1 hour = 10% which my or not be anything to you but for me I can calculate when I need to charge my tablet.