You purchased a tablet, now what?

I'm going to ask you again, why did you buy your tablet?

I'll tell you why I purchased my tablet, I wanted to hack it, break it, learn to program with it and see just what all the hoopla was all about.

Now that I have successfully bricked it more than 10 years, formatted and recovered it every week just to see if it's easy to recover from a lost or damaged unit.

It's so simple, "Factory Wipe" then the video showing how to reinstall but nothing works? Why? Oh, wait, I rooted it... What's Rooted mean?

Actually my tablet is going to start my car, shut off the water, measure the voltage from my solar system and tell me if I have enough beer in the RFID enabled Android refrigerator of mine.

Oh, and it does videos.

Why do you think you are different?

 Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

I'm asking you that question and then I'll give my answer to the same question.

Why do I think I'm different than you with a tablet?

Well, first of all I run a seriously over the top A.D.D. Server setup that only NIST.Gov could be proud of. Following "Regulations.Gov" standards and using the Whitepapers from MIT and every other group I found myself with a classical small business server that thinks it can rule the neighborhood.

Well, actually it allows me ot use Remote Desktop Windows 8, Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04 on top of a Hyper-V setup.

Ok, so you know the secret of making your tablets work for you, all you have to do is purchase a server. I'm thinking any i7 core HP laptop would be easier but you're not here for the EASY life. You're here to learn what you can do with your tablet.

The Pro's List according to them.

  1. Your tablet makes a great eReader. (Then buy an eReader)
  2. Tablets are portable devices. (I can't believe that was listed as a Pro.)
  3. Tablets are better than laptops. (Not at all true if you have owned any laptop.)
  4. Tablets are great for sharing stuff. (Sure, I get it, touch transfer kitty pictures and other junk.)
  5. Tablets are great for videos. (I actually found that having an HD tablet doesn't make that crappy video look any better. Why not focus on your focus and record in 720p)
  6. Tablets are cheaper than laptops. (True, but you get what you pay for and you really can't compare a supercharged eReader to an i5 core or any i3 core in the same price range.)
  7. Tablets don't crash. (HA! Sure, show me your tablet and I'll Store App it into a brick!)
  8. Tablets are good to travel with. (So is a friend.)
  9. Tablets are just cool. (That's the line I see in nearly all the top 10 lists.)

I'm done, I'll leave number 10 for your feedback below.

Now, let's get our heads out of our tablet and think for a few minutes what you need to do in the field that only a tablet can do.

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