Why WiFi Calling?

When you're out of town, visiting a new area or at work you might expect from time to time you will be on WiFi Calling from T-Mobile. 

When you're at home you should be on the network but that doesn't work for all of us.

I have a T-Mobile phone that doens't have the option of WiFi Calling and I connect with a signal in the -80dBm my gal has a phone that can switch and it does often enough.

I  have to admit that the sound quality of the WiFi calling is good but that has nothing to do with the Cellular Carrier and everything to do with the Wireless equipment and the cable company at her home.

We are so dependent on WiFi but so many times we skip the most important location and that location is our homes.

Make sure you read my article about WiFi surveying and do your best to make your WiFi coverage perfect.

When you have a network that every device connects at it's maximum speeds you'll setup just right.