Smartphone Configurations on My Small Cloud networks

I am now setting up smartphones on the network here.

It's taken a bit of time finding the perfect match and OS to run.

We have the Xiaomi with MIUI OS installed running 4.1.1. 

Your only hurdle is getting your Google Market place loaded which is loaded from the MIUI Market. 

Then you have all the apps from both services. 

I put the OS in the K-Touch V8 phones. 
The plan was to have a fully loaded phone and all accessories for under $200.00.
Then using the My Small Cloud network design we have all the storage, media, apps we need to run a full Remote Desktop Windows 8 system from a 4.5in screen to syncronized word documents. 

Having no SD card and not really wanting one because we just don't need them we are now more dependent on WiFi and Data. 

I'll be setting up a section covering Wireless Access points.

UIMIto see if it's possible to work from a smartphone without tablet or PC support. 

I'll skip to the punchline and tell you it's not possible to work from a smartphone. 

With that said, let me lay down some rules of what a tablet is and what a smartphone is. 

It's screen and pocket size. Unless you're a Circus Clown you're not going to get a 9.7in Tablet/Phone into your pocket. So it's a tablet even if it can make a phone call. 

Tablets are from 6" and up. Smartphones are from 5.7" and down. 

You might not agree but that's the ground rules I am making so we can start the setup. 


Coverage Maps:

Here's Walmart and their T-Mobile deals.

What makes the maps different?


Once you feel both services have you covered pick up a pre-paid card and slip it in your phone.

I have found that actual coverage is not as good as they both say.
But, I also live in a state that is not a priority to cover swamp land or chemical plants. 



Not really designed for work and more of a notification device we are setting the ground rules on how to use your smartphone with your tablets. It is in the end who can work the best from the least and we think matching the v701s Onda tablet with a 4.5in smartphone might be a good start.