Choosing your wireless plan wisely.

I'm not going into detail at this time of how I choose my own wireless plans. 

It really would take you days, if not weeks of research, forum reading and more to find just what you need. 

I also know who owns the towers, what service techs manage the towers and how many technicians are assigned to areas. 

I never have been employed by a Cellular Carrier but I have contracted Microwave Backhaul surveys for wireless internet providers enough to know who's on Top and who's on the Bottom of the towers. 

With that said, becareful of what you read and here are a few of my notices. 

Walmart family mobile plans might seem to be a great deal but when you really look at them is $5.00 per month from a third party reseller worth it?

The other page shows different coverage maps. 
You know their are only 4 or 5 (if that last US Cellular is still in the business) in the USA. 

Let's put it into Gas Station perspective. 

1. You see RaceTrak with $3.25 per Gallon.
2. Circle K with $3.35 per gallon. 
3. Florida Discount at $3.45 per gallon

All fit in your tank, all fuel your engine all cost differently. 
Outside the technical details they are all the same but the price. 

So what gives with the Wireless carriers?

Not much but Tower costs, One carrier may allow you to roam all inner city but not the country because of the fiber lines instead of the microwave links it has to lease to get back to the city. 

So, in my Family Plan of 4 phones I selected to go with T-Mobile Corporate. 


I can see a person face to face when I need. 
I can use the forums more.
I really don't like Walmart Check-out!