My Small Cloud Family of Tablets

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Back in 2012 I setup a private network server to handle the basics of all networks.

  • File Sharing
  • Content Management
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Applications
  • VPN (Always On)
  • etc.

I had one question during my server setup. 

  1. Can a mobile device be a business tool that's more than just a fancy daily planner?

It took several months and several hundreds of apps tested to finally come up with the answer to my question. 

  1. Can a mobile device be a business tool that's more than just a fancy daily planner?
    • Answer: YES!

The link here will show you how you can make your own network and support your mobile devices the same as I support those that use my small cloud networks. 

Now, if you don't have the $5k to build your network like I detailed you can drop the price sticker a bit and rollout a simple network setup for just about $2,000.00 for a 5 user network. 

The key is to make something that will be always online and always working.

The my small cloud network has gone offline 2% of this past year and has been caused by some area power outages after business hours. We have battery backups and generators to keep things up during business hours but use power outages as a time to rewire, clean fans and systems as part of our scheduled maintenance time. So in a sense MySmallCloud network has no really down time.

What I am planning for 2014 is a private cloud based membership sponsored network of tablet, smartphone and smart device users. Read more here.



My Tablet Upgrades. Working with small smart phones is not what I do. I wear glasses and do not plan on having a screen so small I have to pitch to zoom every pixel. This is working with tablet devices and large screen smart devices.