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I have been asked how to install the factory OEM ROM from Onda Tablets by several people that have been very nice in asking. Thanks to them I noticed translating the How To Guides often leave things out. I'll have a video soon when I get my camera setup in front of my screen so you can see me upgrade my unit. Below are the steps I take which should be easy to follow using a translator that works with my American English...

How to install and update Onda ROM.


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I have created this page to help those that have never upgraded their Onda Tablets ROM or have installed a custom ROM and found the HDMI output doesn't work or have a dead tablet. In any case, this guide will help you with any version Onda Tablet v972. 

I do appreciate your feedback when using Google Translate on this page and other pages. If you see a translation that is not very clear please copy and paste the American English part and send it to me. I will try to reword the section so it translates better. Thank you all for the feedback you have sent so far. 



How to update install ROM v972 firmware using the automatic update.

You will need to use a Windows PC to install the ROM using the Phoenix Suit version for your ROM. 
Once you have updated your tablets firmware a few times you'll be an expert and only need a few steps as a reminder if anything. 

Start here after you have finished with your downloads from above.

  1. Shut down your tablet by pressing the power button in for 10 to 20 seconds. Uncheck the "Next Fast Boot" option.
    If your tablet starts to boot then keep the power button press until it shuts off. 
  2. Download the correct version for your tablet. The version number is on the back of your tablet to the right of the serial number. (SN: 1234 V1)
    1. Onda v972 v1 downloads
    2. Onda v972 v2 downloads
    3. Onda v972 v3 downloads
  3. Extract the RAR file and you will find the following.
    • PhoenixSuitV1.08_CN.msi
    • V972 Core4_vX.X.X_vX.img
    • 必看【刷机教程】-.doc
  4. Install your Phoenix Suit software using this guide. Or you can follow the document file included in the download. Be sure to allow the device driver to install. 
  5. Start your Phoenix Suit software on your PC. Onda _Firmware _System _On _Connect _Phoenix Suite
  6. Click on the Anchor symbol Firmware tab.
  7. Click the "Image" button to browse to the .img file you have saved to your PC. (From the download package)
  8. Connect your USB cable to your PC.
  9. Press and hold the HOME Button on your Tablet for 3 seconds then connect your Micro USB cable to your tablet. DO NOT RELEASE THE HOME BUTTON.
  10. Now press and release your power button once every second for 5 to 12 seconds or until your PC connects and starts upgrading your firmware.
    Example, Press the power button then release it, pause for one second and then repeat the Press and Release. 
    If your PC fails to connect at this point you will see a help message. Repeat the steps 8, 9 and 10 until your PC connects. Onda _Firmware _Update _USB-Driver
  11. Your PC will now autoupdate your tablet. make sure you do not remove your cable and allow the update to continue. You can view the status of your update from the Firmware tab. You can also see the connection status from the Home tab.
  12. Once your upgrade is finished disconnect your USB cable and start your tablet.

Onda _v 972_Phoenix Suite _1.07_Installing _Firmware _v 3.0_v 1_image1

Some of the download ROM version have factory root while others you will need to root your Onda tablet.

This is the easiest thing to do thanks to Onda for making it a simple upgrade.

You will see the progress bar start to populate when your upgrade has started.

Onda Root OEM:

The created by Chainfire.

Root your OEM ROM. 
Before you do anything below check to see if your ROM is rooted by default. 
I have found most all of the newest ROM releases (3.x and newer) have root. 
If you need to root the OEM the instructions are below.

Root Installation Steps:

  1. Download the to your tablet
  2. Tap on Update.
  3. Tap Local Update
  4. Tap your back button to go to your sdcard root or to your download folder.
  5. Select and tap the
  6. Start the OTA update tap on Update.

That's it, you should be set to go. 
Test it with any application online. I know Weather Underground will not recognize the Onda v972 as a compatible device until you root it.  

@ End of my Beginners Guide.

Update Button Image:

Onda _v 972_Update _Button 

@ Start of the Experts Guide.

This part is for those that know how to upgrade their firmware and know how to root their device. 
I want to point out any major differences between the firmware upgrades here.

Removing Chinese Apps: (I have the same post here as well.)
I use Titanium Backup Pro to uninstall apps that I don't need. You can use the free version as well.  
It's as easy as 1,2,3 and 4. 

  1. Run Titanium Backup and backup everything before you begin.
    (pro or free as long as you have root)
  2. Tap Backup/Restore
  3. Tap the application you want to remove and tap "Wipe Data" then tap "Un-install!"
  4. After you have un-installed all the apps you don't want shut down and restart your tablet a couple of times.

Here's the image guide to using Titanium Backup to remove any hard to remove application. This also go for MobileIron and system apps. (Be very careful)

1. Select the app you would like to remove or uninstall.

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _1 (1)

Next, Wipe the Data first.

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _2 (1) 

Next, Uninstall the app.

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _3 (1)

Next: You will see the app lined out.

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _4 (1)

Next: Be sure you see the app lined out. Do not delete the backup before you know your tablet will operate normally without this app. 

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _5 (1)

Next: If you have problems with your tablet after removing the app you can reinstall the app using restore.

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _6 (1)

Next: Select Restore App+Data (we wiped the data)

Remove _App _Android _Titanium _Backup _7 (1)



>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<



NOTE: I have tested and tried to install the wrong ROM hardware versions and found the ROM will not load. This means you will be OK if you downloaded the wrong version ROM.

If you installed a bad ROM or a ROM from the developer that is using the SDK kit which doesn't have HDMI enabled you should replace that ROM with the default factory ROM listed here.

I know, it's in Beta but you've got to see it, so cool. I'll send up screenshots after I remove all the apps. 

Tech Note: Some have stated the download from is out of beta and final. 
I for one hope this is not the final and that Onda is still taking feedback. 
I had updated my v972 v1 the other day and have had great experiences with it except for the battery life. 
My 3.3.2 v1 would allow me just over 4 hours of solid screen on apps running time.

The 4.4 v1 offered just about 1.75 hours (105 minutes) the 3.3.x versions allowed me to watch a couple of full length movies and now that's not happening.

My speed tests also dropped from 18,xxx to 11,xxx.

Seemed to be sluggish with some apps as well. 

Charging from my USB port that did well from my desktop computer doesn't even keep the battery levels when connected. 

One big thing I noticed was that it wasn't rooted and the classical methods to root didn't work. 
Onda has always made it easy to root the office ROM without having the SDK ROM. The SDK for the A31 from what I understand has issues with the HDMI output. I use the HDMI often and from this site has always worked just fine. 

I'll update a review page for the KitKat 4.4 Android system and layout some of the issues I'd like to see corrected in the Onda v972 ROM. 

  1. Onda.Cn: A short guide on how to correct corrupted download links from cdn.Baidu.Com.


I've noticed a couple of things different between 2.0 and 3.0 and between 3.2.1

Note: You should also Google user experiences with the different versions. 
I have had great battery, HDMI and WiFi with the firmware version 2.0 it is running Android 4.1.1. 
I have had good to poor experiences with the 3.2.1 related to battery life. I do like the Android 4.2.2 and the 2 hours less on battery is my trade off.

Here are more notes mostly repeating what is above. 

By far this is the best tablet I have tested. 
With the new 2.0Ghz Quad Cores coming to market I'll be testing and using the faster models.

I'm going to be guessing that the battery life might be an issue. 
I have a few solutions setup now, 2 solar charging stations and a battery pack. But, if it can last 4 hours non stop remote desktop with the server I'm ok with charging it during my lunch break and during breaks in the day.

It's about 1 percent per minute charge rates if that means anything under power users. 


I have been asked how to install the factory OEM ROM from Onda Tablets by several people that have been very nice in asking. Thanks to them I noticed translating the How To Guides often leave things out. I'll have a video soon when I get my camera setup in front of my screen so you can see me upgrade my unit. Below are the steps I take which should be easy to follow using a translator that works with my American English...