Onda v972 KitKat Android 4.4 Beta released!

You might want to wait, but then again this might be also the final. 

I recommend that you always download your updates via the Onda.Cn links to make sure you are always directed to the Baidu.Com OndaFae download account. 

If you've missed the download and need OEM versions I have them published here for family and friends of the Onda v972 and v701s Tablets. 

I do appreciate all those that give Onda feedback related to each update. 
I've attempted but can't seem to master the language. 

So I post up my findings here and how one of you better aquanted with the language take my notes and submit them. 

Note: Downloading problems you might face using Baidu.Com> 

  1. Very slow
  2. Download is empty file
  3. Download stops. 

1. Very slow is most likely the sub-domain you are connected with or if you see a numeric IP that could also be an issue. 
Try removing the IP address and leaving only the http://cdn.baidupcs.com / etc ... 
You can also try http://hot.cdn.baidupcs.com/ to make your downloads reach 450Kbps. 

2. Download is empty: this happens when you attempt multiple browser tab downloads. Close your browser and start again using only one tab and one download at a time.

3. You started something else and the connection timed out or you surfed with another tab at the same Baidu website.


The URL ...
should look like http://cdn.baidupcs.com/... in your downloads link. 
Remove the Numeric IP address and try your download again. 
I have found if the download link is very slow you can change the subdomain and make it faster.
Example: with cdn.baidupcs.com I use hot.cdn.baidupcs.com at times it is faster.
Copy the download URL and remove the numeric IP for the subdomain and FQDN.


v972 Android 4.4 KitKat direct downloads from OndaFae's shared files. 

  1. http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjnlKUp
    1. Click the down arrow near the top of the page.
    2. Click the left button of the first popup.
    3. Save your file. 
    4. Downloads should be about 400Kbps average.