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UPDATE: 3-22-2017!!!!
I've started moving MySmallCloud.Com and XtremeComputer.Com over to the Portal. 
This is going to be a slow process.

UPDATE: 2-22-2017: Our oldest server drive contoller failed. We are replacing the unit and will be online when parts arrive. If you need any of the downloads email me and I'll link them for you to download. 

Number one download is the v972 OEM ROM with Root Kit install.
Number one country of download is Russia. (Italy, France and Spain) 

If you have a good service and plan on staying online for at least 20 years I'll post a link to your download page to help with language translators. 

In other words, if you like Onda products as much as I do and live in countries that have many people using their products and you host a website with good download bandwidth I'll add your sites links to help with all the Onda v972 downloads. Also to help with translations. Send me an email using the contact page with your sites address. I'm first looking for Russia, French, Spanish site owners first. 

Here is the new index for the MySmallCloud.Com Onda tablet users.

I will be merging pages based on Onda Hardware Versions and OS versions. 
I hope this will help those using Google Translate or other online translating software to read my American English better. 

If you have questions or cannot understand a section email me using the contact page. Tell me your language and write in it so I can translate your questions. 

New servers and services are going online at MySmallCloud.Com.
I invite you to join in our private network and test services so you one day can build services of your own and create your own private network infrastructure.

To load factory OEM ROM you will need the Phoenix Suit Version 1.08 software.
How to Install Phoenix Suit click here.

Each OEM ROM has factory root or can be rooted with the root.zip download. I have not needed to root my tablet since version 3.2.1 upgrade that was OEM rooted and worked perfect. 


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I have researched many different tablets and found the Onda company from China to be one of the best manufacturers of Retina Display tablets I have found. Matching the quality if not better than others I feel Onda.Cn is a leader in the tablet industry.